It has been confirmed, Phyno isn’t expecting a child with
Rita Edmond. In early January 2014, we revealed that we received a report that the rising singer is with child for the “Ghost Mode” rapper. Phyno denied the claims in an interview with Punch Newspaper. Reporters at Punch also contacted Rita for an answer but she was quite evasive, only stating that she is in love with a rapper whose name she didn’t reveal.
In an interview with Hip TV, Rita says she hasn’t met Phyno and isn’t having his child. She also says she isn’t
pregnant at all.
“I’m not pregnant for Phyno and I am not his girlfriend, I
have nothing whatsoever to do with Phyno. I don’t even
know him one-on-one and I am not pregnant for any man
at all”, she said.
Why is Rita claiming she isn’t pregnant at all, when she
insinuated that she was in the interview with Punch. It is
obvious it was publicity stunt which Rita probably had
something to do with.


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