Separations have always been an integral part of Life or Death. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines separation as termination of a contractual relationship (as employment or military service). Separations usually happen in two forms, Mutual Separation (Where an Artiste Sees Out his Contract and Chooses To leave) and One Sided Separation (Artistes Suing To leave Labels Unceremoniously, just walking out or better yet being dropped by the label before the contract expires)

This is official statement was pressed from Adeyemi Qudus popularly known as ‘Kaystar’ stating his departure from his record label. “MOSSDEF MANAGEMENT”
Read the statement below:

“With deep regret, I officially announce the departure from MOSSDEFF Management due to irreconcilable differences. I left MOSSDEFF Management because the boards of management weren’t in good terms, this didn’t help the promotion of my music materials. Due to these issues not being resolved among the boards, it has restricted my recording, promotion, artiste welfare and other things noted in the contract. I waited for good three months to see if things were going to work out within the management but the situation went beyond thinking. I decided to leave on this basis because I need to move ahead with my project at hand and do more recordings. I wish MOSSDEFF best of luck in all their future endeavours’ Kaystar Stated.”

Legal parties on both sides have spent the past year and half together and after he decides to leave the management. Kaystar came up with a new team in order to carry out his Mix tape titled ‘gOD of The Streetz’. The ongoing project will be delayed till he gets a good record deal.


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